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Home Automation
Turn your home into a "SmartHome" with Home Automation
Lighting Control
 Controlled via a simple wall switch or even with your own app on your phone or tablet!
Electrical Services
We cover all aspects of Electrical Applications
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Control your home from your phone, or from any other smart device for that matter! With Home Automation you control your lights, heating, cooling, blinds, security systems and audio visual equipment all from a single app.


Design, Installation and commissioning of all your Electrical Services from Residential, Commercial and Industrial.


Reduce your carbon footprint with our range of intelligent lighting controllers. Create the perfect ambience with mood lighting control.


Provide a suitable and comfort environment for your building occupants whilst optimising energy usage at the same time.

Invoke Building Automation

At Invoke Building Automations we specialise in electrical control systems in buildings. Building Automation and control systems is the ability to network and link different pieces of hardware together and connect them all together via software, so that we can control the environment of a building. Whilst managing these building services in an autonomous fashion we can ensure that the comfort for the occupants and energy used is of an optimal standard. Whether its residential, commercial or industrial environment, we can create to right solution for your requirements.

The more control we have over our buildings the better we can optimise levels of comfort, services and safety whilst controlling energy in an efficient and less costly manner. Did you know that up to 84% of a buildings energy usage can be controlled?


Invoke Building Automations manage the operation of all types of building services such as:


Heating and hot water


Air Conditioning


Windows and shading blinds

Fire Alarm

Door Access


Invoke Controls!

At Invoke Controls we pride ourselves on providing excellent service. This is achieved by supplying quality products, good customer service and workmanship of the highest standard. By working with industry leading manufacturers we provide our customers with the latest and most reliable technology. We don’t believe in delivering a poor project to maximise profit, only the best will do!


Home automation is becoming more and more appealing, as well as affordable. The ability to control our homes provides convenience and comfort, along with the added benefit of being more energy efficient. All our home automation packages allow for local control or remote control through one app on your smart device. We currently install Control 4, Schneider C-Bus, Lutron and Loxone products.



Offices, care homes, hospitals, schools and many more buildings benefit from good quality HVAC controls. In smaller applications a simple HVAC control solution is adequate, however, on larger buildings a Building Management System is utilised to control the main building services. This in turn ensures that the building environment is kept at comfortable levels for employees and members of the public whilst controlling plant in an efficient manner.



Warehouses and factories can benefit from building automation mainly from intelligent lighting controls. As most industrial buildings have minimal forms of heating, their main energy usage will be electricity in the form of lighting. By taking advantage of occupation sensors and daylight harvesting via roof lights a huge amount of energy savings can be taken advantage of.


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